Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens Pre-Wedding Photography ~ Dan Barlow

Shabina & Usman

Shabina & Usman had their autumnal pre-wedding photoshoot at Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens in Didsbury which we did in the late afternoon to get the gorgeous sunset light. They wanted a mixture of posed and unposed portraits but with a strong bias towards the unposed. By reviewing the posed portraits together, they could decide what what was working well for them – entirely what I’d consider to be the key point of a pre-wedding photoshoot.

The following portraits are from the undirected and unposed end of the spectrum; they required minimal direction as we had talked through posing earlier in the session and Shabina & Usman were now comfortable and confident enough to show me what they could do.

You can see Shabina & Usman’s wedding photography here.

Here’s a small selection of Shabina & Usman’s set:

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