The Pinewood Hotel Pre-Wedding Photoshoot ~ Dan Barlow


Kaz & Jon’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Here’s a little selection from Kaz & Jon’s pre-wedding photoshoot at The Pinewood where they’ll be getting married later this year. Visiting the wedding venue provided us with time to fine tune their wedding photography plans and gave us a great feel for how we’ll use the outdoor space on the day; it also helped Kaz & Jon to build a bit of camera confidence
The stunning blossom budding on the trees was an unexpectedly welcome sight and knew it would be a beautiful backdrop, unique to this time of year.

You can see Kaz & Jon’s wedding photography here.
















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Why bother with a pre-wedding photoshoot?

‘I hate having my pictures taken’

‘I never like the way I look in photos’

Most of the brides and grooms that approach me usually say something along these lines and most of the time, they can’t put their finger on what it is they don’t like about seeing themselves in photos. The pre-wedding photoshoot, engagement photoshoot or ‘e-shoot’ as they are also known, seeks to address these issues and allows you both to be comfortably posed, have your photo taken and build confidence in front of the camera.

Couple in Bramhall Park on e-shoot

Couple on pre-wedding photo shoot Bramhall Park

A pre-wedding photoshoot gives you the time to be guided through the process of having a posed photo taken without worrying about running out of time, it’s also a useful experience to bear in mind when planning how much time will be required for portraits on the day.

Engagement shoot couple in Dunham Massey

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Dunham Massey

Engaging you in the photographic process is very important for us both, you have instant access to the images taken and I can listen to your feedback there and then. I can see what posing you are comfortable with and we can work around any worries you may have, reducing any doubts about how the pictures will look on your wedding day.

Couple in Walkden Gardens on pre-wedding photoshoot

Sometimes, I find that once I’ve posed you both, the thing which you didn’t like about other photos simply isn’t there through my experience of careful posing, composition and correct choice of photographic equipment.

Couple outside Tatton Hall on e-shoot

Couple in Tatton Park on engagement shoot

Where do these worries come from? Maybe, in this digital age, photography is more throwaway that it’s ever been. Digital photography allows us to take a greater volume of photos, but as you know, quality and quantity are not the same thing. Perhaps there’s a belief that the camera will take care of the final image. Most camera phones come with a wide angle lens which isn’t the best for portraits; couple this with photos taken from unflattering angles with poor lighting, bad flash and no editing and the likelihood of seeing an undesirable photo goes up. My posing, composition, equipment choices and post-processing mean the situation described above is avoided entirely!

Couple by beach huts on e-shoot

Couple by beach huts on pre-wedding shoot

Couple on Aldwick beach on pre-wedding photoshoot

The pre-wedding photoshoot is an important tool in reassuring you that you’ll both look fabulous on your big day, allowing you to relax in front of my camera and best of all, you’ll have some beautiful portrait photos together from the session.

Tatton Park Pre-wedding photo shoot

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