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First dance Southend Barns wedding

Rebecca & Will

This wedding was a little bit different in that I had to travel to the bottom of the country to photograph it in sunny West Sussex. Rebecca and Will held their wedding day at Southend Barns near Chichester and I couldn’t wait to start taking pictures there, not only because the venue is pretty, quaint and elegant, but because Rebecca and Will are such a perfectly matched, chilled couple. The day itself was a scorcher – I reckon easily one of the hottest days of the year so rain was the least of my worries (unlike most days in Manchester) and I expected preparations to be hot, sticky and tense. No such worry – the old dairy buildings kept everything cool and everything was going to plan, remaining that way over the whole day for bride, groom and whole wedding party. Throughout the day, I had no problem finding details to capture in the quiet moments, Rebecca and Will had placed of all sorts of thoughtful things around the barns.¬† I’m not a fan of photographs¬† of food uploaded to Pinterest or Flickr, but I had to stop myself from bringing the camera out during the afternoon tea to get shots of the immaculately presented sandwiches, cakes and desserts which kept rolling out of the kitchen! The first dance paved the way for much more dancing. I apologise for putting up two consecutively similar dancing photographs but the sunlight coming thorough one side of the barn was an absolute gift to work with – whoever put a window there was a genius…

Congratulations Rebecca & Will, thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

Bride's shoes on door Southend Barns wedding

Table decorations and wedding favour flowers

Wedding and bridesmaids dresses Southend Barns

Bride's perfume Southend Barns wedding

Groomsmen and balloons at Southend Barns wedding

Groomsmen at Southend Barns wedding West Sussex

Wedding dress preparations at Southend Barns

Wedding dress preparations at Southend Barns parlour

Flower girl preparations at Southend Barns wedding

Bridal preparations at Southend Barns Wedding

Groom and best man at Southend Barns West Sussex

Bride walking up aisle Southend Barns wedding

Wedding ceremony at Southend Barns West Sussex

Wedding service at Southend Barns West Sussex

Walking down the aisle Southend Barns wedding

Guests in courtyard at Southend Barns wedding

Floral blue wedding cake Southend Barns wedding

Vintage table decorations Southend Barns wedding

Father of bride's wedding speech Southend Barns

Groom's wedding speech Southend Barns

Bride and groom by pagoda Southend Barns

Bride and groom in field Southend Barns

Bride and groom by infinity pool Southend Barns

Bride and groom in Southend Barns gardens

Bride's bouquet Southend Barns wedding

Bridal portraiture Southend Barns wedding

Bride with guests Southend Barns wedding

First dance Southend Barns wedding

Bride dancing at Southend Barns wedding

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