Q & As

Here’s some things which might answer a few questions if you’re thinking of booking me

Before the day

How far in advance do we need to book?

As soon as possible! I get booked quite far in advance, especially for summer dates so it’s worth calling to see if I am available for your wedding day.

How do we book?

By emailing or calling me to arrange a meeting. The date of your wedding day is secure once you have paid a 20% booking fee.

How long will you spend at our wedding?

Depending on the package you pick, up to six hours or with my full day package, from around three hours before the ceremony to an hour or so after the first dance with my full day coverage package – I will always take your arrangements and requirements in account when planning for your day.

Why do we need a pre-wedding photoshoot?

You don’t have to have one but I include them in all of my packages. I strongly recommend one, it gives you a chance to see how I work and you’ll get some lovely photos afterwards! Click here for more details.


Are you you insured?

Absolutely. Most venues require me to produce my valid Public liability Insurance certificate, I also have Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as breakdown cover in the case of a car breakdown.

How far do you travel?

Anywhere in the UK if it doesn’t clash with any other bookings.

On your day

Our ceremony won’t allow flash photography, will you be able to get any photos?

Yes, as long as the venue is happy with me taking photos, I’ll be able to get the shot. I use primes lenses, such as this – this combined with my experience and knowledge of what my full frame cameras I use are capable of mean I can make photos in the darkest of venues.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes, I bring at least two camera bodies with me, along with a collection of lenses which mean I can carry on working, even if all of my primary equipment were to fail! I also bring a big stockpile of batteries, flashguns and other bits. After I have shot your wedding, I save your photographs to 3 hard drives to ensure that even in the event of a computer failure, your images are safe.

What if it’s raining?

My cameras are designed to deal with rain and I’m fairly waterproof, I also keep a few brollies handy in case it’s raining cats and dogs. I’m game to go out in it if you are!

Bride and groom with umbrella in rain

Do you do posed photos too?

I do. Usually after the service, I’ll do a full group portrait, followed by smaller groups of family and friends; 10 group photos takes about 20 minutes. Although I pride myself on my ‘natural-moment’ photography, I am happy to take photographs of groups at you or your guest’s request.

After your day

When do I get to see my images?

It usually takes about 3-4 weeks before I have finished individually editing your set of photographs.

How many photos will we get?

I usually produce around 400-500 unique digital images after a full day of coverage which have all been carefully edited; you will also receive a collection of black and white duplicates as well.

Can I print the photos out?

Of course you can! Your photos come with permission to print and reproduce your photos for personal use so take them to your preferred printer, upload them to Facebook and show everyone how beautiful your wedding day was!

How does it work with our wedding album?

You decide on which photographs you would both like in your album. I’ll design it, and then show you a preview of the layout before it is sent for printing so any changes can be made; I won’t print any layout you’re not happy with.

Personalised hardback wedding album

Thanks for reading this far! If you’ve any further questions, please feel free to ask.