About me


This is probably the hardest part of the website to write!

Talking about cameras and photography is something I love to do but I know it doesn’t suit a lot of people so here’s a condensed history of me and photography. I’ve been taking pictures on film since I was about 8, and learned how to operate an SLR shortly after that. I learned how to process images in a dark room when I was 18 and went on to work in a photo lab as a part time job whilst at college. Digital happened and that brings us up to where I am now. I shoot full-frame Canon digital cameras for work and I try to keep my professional photography to just weddings and portraiture as I don’t like to spread myself too thinly.

In my personal photography I’m a bit more experimental and take photos of all sorts of things (with varying success!) I still shoot film for fun and it’s my preferred format for almost all of my own work – I hold up the bathroom for hours on end while I develop my own negatives and love it when I meet someone else who shares my passion for film photography. I also like traveling through Europe by train, Wes Anderson films, small cars, Kurt Vonnegut books and have struggled to move beyond the 90s musically. My favourite thing is my 1971 Canon F-1 film camera, it comes with me to most places and has that special sense of occasion when I’m using it. I have two cats which I’m secretly crazy about called Betty and Belle, Betty is feisty and Belle is sedate.

Dan Barlow Manchester Wedding Photographer

No photographer’s website would be complete without a picture of them posing with some sort of camera.